what does compounding mean?

In a nutshell, it's preparing a medication to suit you! Medications may be formulated in a number of ways eg. As suppositories, liquids or creams. Antibiotics may be formulated as suppositories. This often allows administration of otherwise-hard-to-get-down medications facilitating treatment and recovery. Pain medications may be administered as suppositories.

This often allows the combination of different medications in a single entity and by utilizing a suppository, gastric side effects may be eliminated. Pain medications may also be administered topically as a cream. Similarly, hormone replacement may be administered topically at a dose tailor-made to you. Severe nausea - that's been treated topically too!

If the commercially-available tablet is too strong (or unavailable) we can make capsules according to the dose you need. Does the patient have difficulty swallowing tablets?Perhaps it could be made into a liquid. We have certain specialized compounds that we make eg.: jack newman's all purpose nipple cream kosher ibuprofen liquid (also for passover) antifungal mouth gel anti-inflammatory creams.


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We work with you and your physician to ensure
your medication is tailored to your specific needs.

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